The Creation Age is the time before and immediately after the creation of the universe, leading to the Dawn Age. During the Creation Age time did not flow and so these events happened both simultaneously and as far apart as possible. Indeed the very order that these events occurred in is unknowable but are put in a fabricated timeline for ease of understanding. Descriptions vary but the nothingness is understood commonly as just that: a formless expanse of nothing. Others state that it was in fact a chaos of everything.

The Birth of Ko and DrairEdit

Details vary by religion and culture but it is understood that here, Ko the Creator God became. And Ko was lonely.

In his loneliness, Ko created the universe. This was a place of infinite size, comprised of undefined mass that was at the same time nothing and everything. From this, Ko created Drair, a lover.

Drair's FollyEdit

Unbeknowsnt to Ko, Drair was unable to comprehend him. To Drair, Ko appeared as a bright light; comforting and illuminating, but ultimately intangible. Ko eventually noticed this and, depressed, turned away.

In her own loneliness, Drair created the Elder Gods, her children. They set out to explore the place into which they had been brought. Drair was sad, but though she could not feel their curiosity, she understood it.

Ko's WrathEdit

As Ko turned his gaze back to Drair, he saw the moment of the Elder Gods creation and was incensed. His anger was so great that it transformed him. Gone was Ko the Creator God. Here was Krea, the God of Wrath.

He trapped Drair in a pocket realm known now as Eriad, the place of shadow, as punishment for betraying him with others.

He hunted down the Elder Gods and struck them down, shattering them into motes. Once this was complete, his anger subsided. Becoming Ko once more, he was horrified at his actions and fled.

Form to the FormlessEdit

The motes of the Elder Gods, being parts of greater beings, began to seek each other out in the absence of their destructor. Slowly they coalesced into larger objects.

The first of these was the sun which looked outwards and began to shine brightly. This light shaped the universe around it, making it tangible. In this cleared space the world of Cattro formed from the same motes, along with its moon Para. Unlike the sun, Cattro looked inwards and gathered other motes to it. From this, life began to form.

The rest of the motes continued to gather, forming other worlds and then the stars, which like the sun looked outwards and began to shine, though not as brightly.

Alternate VersionEdit

Many alternate versions of events exist, with one in particular being most common.